Iryna Krohmal
Iryna Krokhmal
Associate Professor
Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Students
+38 (0642) 63-02-33

Dean's Office of the University informs that SI "Lugansk State Medical University" resumed its work on 06.10.2014. The administration of the University, dean's office of departments, academic buildings, basic and clinical chairs are still located at 1, 50-letiya oborony of Lugansk Street!!! Information on transferring of the University to other cities and district centers is invalid and not agreed with administration of the University.

In connection with armed hostilities you were temporarily transferred to other Universities as non-matriculated students. At the present time, military operations on the territory of Lugansk are ceased and the University administration is actively engaged in the rehabilitation of infrastructure necessary for your stay at the University.

Also, inform you that in accordance with the immigration legislation your registration will be prolonged on legal grounds if you were a student of "LSMU". You will get legal Internationally Recognized Diploma. You can continue your study from the second semester 2014-2015.

The dean of foreign students of LSMU Iryna Krokhmal +38 (050) 726-90-03

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